Lashes :

How long do they last ? Lash Strips are reusable up to Year.

How do I Apply them? Any Lash glue for false lashes is fine ! Remember to cut the band to fit your natural Lash Line; then apply them directly above your lashes !

Shipping & Processing

1.) 3-5 days at the latest . 

2.) Processing is 1-2 days , you'll receive a shipping notification when your order is ready to ship . Please allow 24hrs for your carrier to update your package

3.) If my package has not arrived what should I do? After orders have shipped Chy Lux.Co is no longer responsible ! Please Contact USPS customer service and provide them with your tracking code!


Luxe Virgin Hair Extensions

1.) How long does the hair last ? With *PROPER CARE , your extensions will be great for up to 1-2 years.

3.) How long do Lace Frontals and Full Lace Wigs last? Please remember that LACE products should be handled with CARE. Full Lace Wigs should be reusable up to 1-3 years. Lace Frontals should be frequently maintenance with each install & properly stored and cleaned for long usuage.